Public Records Request

How to Request a Record Under the Government Records Access & Management Act (GRAMA)

If you would like copies of records possessed by Vernal City you must submit a written GRAMA request. You can access the form now (PDF) or at City Hall and must be submitted to the City Recorder by mail, email or fax.

Remember to complete the form giving as much information as possible so we can locate the correct document.

Every person has the right to inspect a public record free of charge, and the right to receive a copy of a record during normal working hours after paying a reasonable fee.


  • Records Requests / Copies                             $ .20 cents per page
    • Plus cost of staff time for compilation, formatting, manipulating, packaging, summarizing, tailoring, search & retrieval and other direct administrative costs. 
    • The incremental cot of providing electronic services associated with formatting or interfacing the information. 
    • Copies for over sized sheets will  not to exceed actual cost. For CDs, DVDs, or flash drives the cost is the actual cost per disk/drive.
  • Vehicle Accident Reports and Fire Reports     $5 plus actual compilation costs