Trial Preparation

  1. Introduction
  2. Trial Preparation
  3. Continuing a Trial
  4. Continuance Policy
  5. Trial Overview
  6. Opening Statement
  7. Prosecutor's Case
  8. Defendant's Case
  9. Evidence
  10. Conclusion of the Trial
  11. Final Notes

Everyone is entitled to their day in court. This pamphlet is to give you a general overview of trial procedures. This pamphlet does not cover the rules of evidence nor offer legal advice. You must consult your own attorney for legal advice. The clerks cannot provide any legal advice.

A trial is the time for each side in a court case to present their own explanation. The Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure or the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure control the order in which the parties speak. The Utah Rules of Evidence describe what the parties may say or introduce into evidence at the trial.