Bail Schedule Fees

Bail Schedule for Bailable Offenses Only

If you have been charged with any of the following offenses, you may take care of your citation by just paying the bail amount associated with the offense. If the charge is not listed, then you must call the court at 435-789-7137 for an appointment to be arraigned by Judge Richards. If you are charged with one of the charges listed and want to explain your case informally, call the court for an appointment and a hearing will be set.

To make an online payment go to the Utah Courts website.

  1. Driver's License Violations
  2. Misdemeanors that are Bailable
  3. Moving Violations
  4. Seat Belt Violations
  5. Speeding Violations
Denied license
Expired driver's license
$50 suspend, $10 with proof of valid license
Failure to display plates$50
Faulty equipment (vehicle unsafe)
Improper registration
No or expired registration
No valid license in possession
$50 dismiss upon proof of valid license