Water / Sewer


Vernal City residents are required to test and maintain backflow prevention devices to control cross connections to the water system.  Certified testing should be completed yearly. 

Certified Backflow Technicians

The following is a list of certified backflow technicians in the Vernal area:

  • Keels Backflow Testing: Call 789-2818 

A statewide list of certified technicians may be found on the Utah Department of Environmental Quality's website. Vernal City does not endorse any specific individual or company for these services.

Water Quality Reports

Vernal City Water Consumer Confidence Report 2022
View an archive of annual drinking water quality reports.


Sewer TruckVernal City Sewer department operates the collection system. We maintain only the main transmission lines within the City limits. The customer, or property owner, owns and maintains their own sewer lateral from the owners or users premises to the main transmission line.

The collection system has 52 miles of main sewer transmission line in sizes from 6 inches to 24 inches. We have 850 manholes.

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