Code Enforcement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to provide a safe, secure atmosphere, and enhance the quality of life in the City of Vernal, by working cooperatively with the public and businesses. Our mission is to strengthen, develop and maintain positive relations with the citizens and to promote a safe and friendly community through code enforcement and education.

Vision Statement

The City Council has adopted ordinances to protect and preserve our neighborhoods. The role of each code enforcement officer is to enforce city ordinances thereby, bringing properties in violation into compliance. Each officer is assigned to a district for the purpose of developing rapport with area residents and local businesses. This allows them to better understand the histories, challenges and concerns of their assigned neighborhood thereby being equipped to understand compliance issues specific to these neighborhoods.

Code enforcement applies to numerous issues that effects the environment, health, safety and well being as well as property values. The preservation and improvements created by code enforcement is recognized by our government and citizenry as a necessity to halt or reverse deterioration of our community. The primary goal of code enforcement is to establish voluntary compliance through contact, education and guidance with punitive action taken as a last resort.

Code Violations

Typical code violations that are investigated by our code enforcement include: