Commercial Building Permits

A construction site for a large building.

All commercial projects require Vernal City Planning approval prior to building permit issuance. The building process may take up to 3 weeks for the initial plan review and may be reviewed in conjunction with site plan review.  It is required that work be completed by a verified Utah Licensed Contractor. 

Apply for Permit

Do the following to apply for a permit:

  • Check Location to Make Sure It's Within City Limits
  • Get a Planning Approval
  • Complete a Commercial Build Application
  • Complete a Water Sewer Agreement Form when adding a meter or impact to the City's water and/or sewer.
  • Upload a set of Plans Including:
    • Architectural Drawing
    • Com Check
    • Electrical Drawing and Engineering if Applicable
    • Fire Sprinkler/Alarm plans
    • Mechanical Drawing and Engineering if Applicable
    • Plumbing Drawing and Engineering if Applicable
    • Soils Report
    • Structural Calculations
    • Structural Drawing and Engineering if Applicable
    • SWPP Plan
    • Other Building Permit Forms
    • Interactive Zoning Map

Completion Process

  1. Complete All Required Inspections
  2. Provide a Sub-Contractor Verification
  3. Commercial Project Checkoff List
  4. Get a Business License