Home Occupation Licenses

Home Occupations are classified as the following:

Minor Home Occupation

No business license or permit is required for a home occupation that is:  
  • Operated only occasionally;
  • By an individual who is under 18 years of age.
  • Home occupations that do not have an off-site impact that materially exceeds the off-site impact of the primary residential use alone are not required to pay a license fee. This is classified as a Minor Home Occupation Business. The home occupation may request to receive a business license from the City so long as the administrative fee associated with producing the business license or permit is paid.

Major Home Occupation

The following Major Home Occupations must obtain a license and pay the necessary fee:
  • In-home child or adult care businesses;
  • Pre-schools;
  • Businesses that require or attract more than five (5) vehicle trips per day, including but not limited to package delivery, client visits, and employee trips;
  • Businesses that have employees who live outside of the residence;
  • Any home occupation that the combined off-site impact of the home has been determined by the City to exceed the off-site impact of the primary residential use alone after having inspected the home occupation in response to complaints from surrounding property owners.