Regular City Council Meeting 10-19-2022 (Amended)

                                            A G E N D A (amended)

7:00 P.M.                                                             OPENING CEREMONY

  1. Invocation or Uplifting Thought
  2. Pledge of Allegiance                      


  1. Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting held October 5, 2022 

                                                               PUBLIC BUSINESS

  1. Presentation about Veterans Day Event - Guy Collett



7:15 P.M.                                                            PUBLIC HEARING

  1. Comments Regarding Community Impact Board Application for Water Line Replacement Project Phase 1 – Keith Despain
  2. Consider Amendments to the Vernal City Municipal Code:
  1. Section 16.20.170 Building, Agricultural; Section 16.34.020 Permitted Uses (A-1); Section 16.38.035 Uses (RA-1) – Ordinance No. 2022-17 – Allen Parker
  2. Section 16.08.085 Economic Opportunity Advisory Board Ordinance No. 2022-18- Allen Parker
  1. Request Approval of Minor Subdivision Amendment for Property Located 1055 West 500 South Terry & Dee Dee Johnson – Allen Parker


                           POLICY AND LEGISLATION

  1. Consider Approval of a Professional Services Agreement with Kitz Works - Keith Despain
  2. Review of Demolition Grant Program within the Downtown CRA – Allen Parker
  3. Consider Approval of an Agreement with the Department of Environmental Quality for a Grant to Improve Air Quality for the Discovery Trail Project – Quinn Bennion
  4. Consider Approval of Proposal to Paint TRex – Quinn Bennion






  1. Accounts Payable Report 
  2. Building Permit Report
  3. Business License Report
  4. Investment Report
  5. Justice Court Report
  6. Sales Tax Report




  1. Strategy Sessions to Discuss The Purchase, Exchange, or Lease of Real Property, Including Any Form of a Water Right or Water Shares