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Posted on: January 5, 2024

Vernal Regional Airport - press release JAN 05, 2024

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Contour Airlines begins service from Vernal to Phoenix starting February 1, 2024

Contour Airlines will launch commercial flight operations at Vernal Regional Airport on February 1, 2024, in partnership with American Airlines. The service will offer twelve weekly flights directly connecting Vernal to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, with current roundtrip airfare starting at $120. Tickets can be purchased through various platforms like Orbitz and Priceline or directly through Contour Airlines' website. The flights will be operated using a 30-passenger jet, similar to the existing aircraft.

As of January 31st, the current provider, SkyWest, will cease operations in Vernal. Booking reservations with SkyWest or United from Vernal after this date will result in a change of departure location. Over the past five years, Vernal Regional Airport collaborated with SkyWest Airlines and United Airlines, facilitating travel to and from Denver. This service has significantly benefited Uintah Basin residents and local businesses, with this year's passenger numbers hitting a record high of over 14,000. The switch in providers was necessitated when the renewal proposals were deemed unqualified by the federal Department of Transportation. The community extends its gratitude to SkyWest for its efforts in enhancing regional air travel.

Airport management, in conjunction with the City Council and County Commission, has diligently pursued alternative flight options, including a current service to and from Salt Lake City operated by Red Tail Airlines. This service comprises two weekly flights utilizing an eight-seat aircraft, priced at $100 for a one-way ticket. Additionally, the airport team is working diligently on a third destination from the Vernal Regional Airport.

Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When does the new Contour Airlines service begin? 

Contour Airlines begins service from Vernal to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport on February 1, 2024. Current rates are less than $120 for a round trip flight.

2. Do I have to recheck my bag and go through TSA again in Phoenix?

No. Contour Airlines is affiliated with American Airlines. If you are continuing out of Phoenix on American Airlines, you do not have to re-check your baggage or go through TSA again.

3. Why is Skywest/United Airlines still accepting reservations out of Vernal after

they are no longer flying to or from Vernal after February 1st?  

If you book with SkyWest/United out of Vernal after February 1st, your departure point will change to another airport, or you will likely receive credit for a future flight rather than a refund.

4. Why are there no longer flights to Denver?

Contour Airlines submitted a bid to provide air service from Vernal to Phoenix through their affiliation with American Airlines, which was selected by the federal Department of Transportation for the next three years. Airport and Contour officials are working on additional options for travelers in the future.

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