How many farm animals can I have on my property?
  1. A minimum parcel size of eight thousand (8000) square feet shall be required in order to keep urban livestock.
  2. The maximum number of animals that may be kept per parcel shall be as follows:
    1. Rabbits: three (3).
    2. Ducks: six (6).
    3. Hen chickens: six (6).
    4. Goats: three (3).
    5. Bees: three (3) hives with not more than one swarm per hive.
  3. Additional standards..
    1. Goats must be miniature, dwarf or pigmy. Goats must also be dehorned and male goats must be neutered.
    2. All bee hives must be set back a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet from any property line.
    3. Rooster chickens shall not be allowed.
    4. Should a beehive become populated with Africanized honeybees, it must either be immediately destroyed or "re-queened" using industry accepted procedures resulting in a swarm that is not Africanized.
    5. Except for bees, all urban livestock shall be kept in a fashion so as to prevent them from exiting the backyard of the property at any time.
    6. Except for bees, no more than six (6) total of any type of urban livestock may be kept.
  4. Conflict with nuisance ordinance.
    1. In no case shall this section permit a nuisance, as defined in Vernal City Code, to be created or to exist.
  5. If urban livestock is permitted as a conditional use, odor control, noise control and the physical security of the animals shall be considered.

(Ord. 2017-04, Amended, 03/15/2017; Ord. 2012-04, Add, 05/02/2012)

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